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call me 'Myth'

Just a small town BC person, i love to create, and i tend to go nuts in doing so.
I like music, coffee and dragons...anything of the sort really.
I'm quiet easy to get along with..once I come out my shell and talk to you.


Hell by Myth-Dragon

Minecraft (C) Mojang
more taggables...thanks :icongalaxywolves:


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So I went with three characters, Z'akel - Teri - Hong

1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.


-A. How old are you?

Z'akel : 29 , about to turn 30
Hong: Just turned 24
Teri: Just turned 25 :3

-B. Do you want a hug?
 Z'akel: I would love one
Teri: YAY HUGS * hugs*
Hong: I suppose so

-C. Have any bad habits?
 Z'akel: hmmm...I whistle when I sleep? Does that count?
 Teri: I bite my nails sometimes
 Hong: I sometimes don't use chopsticks at dinner time....

-D. You a virgin?
Everyone: No.....

-E. Have any kids?
Z'akel: Just one, i love my baby girl
Teri: Just one..thankfully, she's a handful
Hong: five =w= , all adopted, but still

-F. Favorite food or drink?
Z'akel: Tea and soup
Teri: anything that is meat
Hong: F***in PORK BUNS!

-G. Killed anyone?
Everyone: Yes..
Teri: Hong holds the record of most killed
Hong: What you say about me!?!?

-H. Hate anyone?
Z'akel: I don't think so..
Teri and Hong: yes...

-I. Any secrets?
Z'akel: I really really want to ask my mate to marry me, but i'm scared as to when I should ask...
Teri: I have stolen some gold from time to time so I could understand my husband
Hong: You morons, you're not suppose to tell your secrets..

-J. Love anyone?
Z'akel: Yes, my mate Aries and my daughter life is meaningless and empty without them
Teri: My husband Ryouka and our daughter Reiya
Hong: Everyone in my family

-K. What is your job?
 Z'akel: I dont..have one...well aside from being a pawn in the army
Teri: I was a scout for the army, but now i'm working towards owning my own cafe
Hong: i'm a badass

-L. Favorite season?
 Z'akel: Spring , summer and fall
 Teri: The summer, keeps me nice and warm.
 Hong: hmmm...might have to say the fall

-M. Who's your best friend?
 Z'akel:, i don't have any friends.....
 Teri: I have two, Alina and Esilia
 Hong: my sister friend Aoying

-N. Hobbies?
 Z'akel: I like making bone jewlery and medicine
 Teri: Baking
 Hong: ...fighting?

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
 Z'akel: Go back to where I was in my roleplaying timeline?
 Teri: probably sit and read a book
 Hong: Probably sleep -w-

-P. What is your eye color?
 Z'akel: well at first glance they're all black..but they are really really dark green
 Teri: Red
 Hong: Brown

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
 Z'akel: I like to think i'm good
Teri: I'm good
 Hong: Chaotic good

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
  Z'akel: my wings back
Teri: a time machine to fix all the shit that happened to me
 Hong: pork buns

-S. What is your greatest fear?
 Z'akel: As cliche as it is...but i fear losing my mate and child
Teri: Being unable to protect my husband
 Hong: Thunderstorms..

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
 Z'akel: Nope
Teri: Nope
 Hong: my full name is Hong Long, it means Red Dragon

-U. Any siblings?
 Z'akel: oh geez, I dont even know. 
Teri: Nope, only child right here
 Hong: I had six

-V. Where do you live?
 Z'akel: I roam around from time to time. But right now I live in a town called Merka
Teri: Someplace in a forest
 Hong: Somewhere in the mountains

-W. Do you find yourself attractive?
 Z'akel: Erm, yes and no...
Teri: I do 
 Hong: Off and on 

-X. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?

 Z'akel: I haven't pulled anything off...
Teri: Stupidest? i think i have a list somewhere...
 Hong: Hunting down a kidnapper and offering myself up before I kicked his ass

-Y2 (My question) If you could legalize ANYTHING. What would it be.
 Z'akel: certain medicine practices
Teri: stealing
 Hong: ...fighting?

-Z. Any last words?
 Z'akel: Aries, Fae..I love you very very much <3 <3 <3
Teri: Bangarang!
 Hong: Where do i pick up my money??

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<3 to those who kindly donate.

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