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Survivor of Alberton by Myth-Dragon
Survivor of Alberton
so..yeah, i'm hooked on Unturned.

After about ten hours of gameplay i'm finally getting the hang of it and live on the ship in Alberton, though for some reason I go through vehicles like crazy...stupid zambys

wish I could actually make my character in game look like Myth, oh well

Myth (C) me

Unturned (C) Nelson Sexton
veil the were-rat by Myth-Dragon
veil the were-rat
my halfling were-rat character in D&D. multiclass druid-rogue

Veil (C) me
pup parade by Myth-Dragon
pup parade
spreading some group love? lol surprise

not sure if xenoforme babies are known as pups or not..but still ^^ . Hope you guys like/dont mind

Pika, Xenoformes (C) Naeomi

Arcelia (C) Digital-Claws

Razr (C) me

All of them can be found at :iconplanet-varia:
Yeah! by Myth-Dragon
been a long ass time since i last drew Mateo.

a nice little warmup for the day.

Mateo (C) me
Soo yeah, I got tagged by a certain miss :icongalaxywolves: so I guess I should do it eh?

1. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions for the people YOU tagged and they will answer them. 
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. 
4. It's not like "you get tagged if you read this!" and the victims you choose don't have to do this if they don't want to. 
5. You have to choose 10 people. (yeah screw that i'm tagging as many as i damn well please)
6. And there's no tag backs!

10 facts of the Myth:

1) I have depression and insecurity issues. Mainly caused by emotional and psychological bullying in most of my young life and some major events during highschool. I usually wear hoodies to cover myself , it can be 40+ degree's outside ( 109 in Farenheit) and I can still be seen wearing a black hoodie. I don't care if it's hot, I feel safe in my hoodie.

2) I use to be a figure skater in my youngers years, same as a ski racer. Both careers long gone since I didn't like either of them.
3) I am a tomboy. For most of my life I didn't think it was fair that all the boys had to get all the cool clothes and toys where we girls got stuck with pink and frilly things and barbies. I'm starting to get a more femine side to me now due to some new friends in my life.?
4) I love hugs. Took me over 23 years to realize that I didn't get enough hugs as a child and avoided human touch during highschool. It only took one man to realize how much I love hugs and cuddles >///>.
5) ok enough with the depressing facts...I do Kung Fu and pretty close to getting my black sash and being the first female in 500 years to be one in my specific kung fu style.
6) My taste in music varies across the spectrum. I'm more of an audiophile but if I had to choose one specific genre of music I guess it would have to be instrumental types.
7) I love creating cartoon characters, or used to. As of late I feel my work is being mistaken for furries and scalies which is really putting a damper on my creations..this fact leads into number 8.
8) I dislike furries and scalies. I feel they are the jehovahs of the internet, pushing ideals onto others or jumping to the conclusion that a anthropomorphic character automatically makes the artist a furry/scaley as well. I do have one or two furry friends and I treat them like normal people because they treat me with the same dignity. Treat me like a normal person and I will treat you the same...try to overthrow my views and outlooks will only put you on my dislike list. I think that is more than a fair trade.
9) I am a farmer. I live on an apple orchard with a herd of 11 sheep. 1 cow. 3 cats. 3 chickens. 2 dogs. and 12 ducks ( suprise babies ). 
10) My dream in life is to be able to work at home and draw ( or general artsy things ) for a living and continue my martial arts path.

:icongalaxywolves: questions:
1) Favourite mythical creature and why?
If it isn't obvious enough. I tend to fancy dragons over most fantasy creatures. Reasons being how much of a scientific anomaly they are. And their adaptability and how they can be both fierce and graceful. 
2) Who would you consider you best internet friend? (no this won't be me, cause I'm the bitch tagging you to do this crap)
This is an unfair question since I have very very few internet friends who I love and trust. Tryllyum Hylian-Rinku Sakura-Akira Galaxywolves LilithEsper . They are all my best interenet friends. ( love you guys <3 ) :icondragonshy2plz:
3) Best anime/manga you've ever seen/read?
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. :icondragonnodplz:
4) If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? weight I guess? If i can shave down to 180..that would be fanfeckintastic...
5) Name a character (doesn't have to be yours) and give me four reason why you like said character.
I would have to say Z'akel . Reason 1) He is the first character to have a big backstory and lore. Reason 2) he's just a big protective love bug . Reason 3) His design. Reason 4) His overall personality that has grown from rping
6) What's your favourite style of music and corresponding artist?
As stated in my ten facts, I would have to narrow my music down to instrumental/soundtrack
7) Best squee moment (anyone skimps and I'm gunna go apeshit on their ass >3> I ant every juicy detail)
*skips this*
8) Favourite picture (drawing, photograph or rendering as a link would be appreciated) and why?… Cuz it's a frenchy bulldog in can I not like it.
9) Do you have a habit you wish you didn't have? Think you could share it? (you don' have to, a yes or no would do here)
I bite my nails. This is from insecurity issues.
10) If you had a world travel pass that let you go anywhere in the world or the rest f your life, where would be the first place you would want to go? and why? Somewhere in the chinese countryside, cuz it's pretty and I can just live as a monk.

Lol, ok answer to 7 : My biggest squee moment was when my baby goats were born. Two pretty babies that were born on the full moon. :)

Mythic Questions:

1) Name one embarassing moment that happened to you
2) Name two things you like about me :P ( lol not stroking the ego at all there)
3) If you had 1 Million, what would you spend it on?
4) If you had the power to do one thing, what would it be?
5) Marvel or DC ?
6) What would you like to improve on in your art?
7) What is your dream pet?
8) Did Han Solo shoot first?
9)What is your favourite food?
10) Are you planning on doing this tagging meme?


:iconkanjou365: :iconhylian-rinku: :iconsakura-akira: :iconnorthwyrm: :iconkage-no-seikatsu: :iconlilithesper: Have at it guys, if you want 
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

call me 'Myth'

Just a small town BC person, i love to create, and i tend to go nuts in doing so.
I like music, coffee and dragons...anything of the sort really.
I'm quiet easy to get along with..once I come out my shell and talk to you.


Myth-Dragon has started a donation pool!
236 / 800
I would love to be able to buy commissions for myself and be able to support my friends and other artists. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

<3 to those who kindly donate.

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